Interview With a Jeweler Inspired By Nature

Do you have any fine art jewelry artist who have profoundly impacted your work?

oriental designed jewelryI am fascinated with the works of Giovanni Corvaja and Namu Cho, both jewelers show that you can continue to push the material and techniques to the limit and then beyond. I dream of someday having their level of mastery of skill.

Share with us how you view jewelry design and design in general?

I view design in a very organic way, I try to take my ques from nature. The inspiration for my Sa necklace was the way the outgoing tide had lined up stones on the beach.

The water sparkling on the rocks was translated into the ball rivets that hold the links together. Adornment should say a lot about the wearer. When you see someone wearing a 3ct diamond in a prong setting it makes a strong statement about what is important to them.

When a person wears a religious symbol as a pendant, they often do so as a personal reminder as well as an overt statement to others about their beliefs.

When I make a pendant using recycled metals and a beach stone, like the religious symbol, I intend it as both a personal reminder and as an expression of certain values.

Our consumer nature has brought our planet to the brink. We place value in the strangest things. Why tear minerals from the earth? Just because they are rare? Who cares if it is rare if we are wrecking the environment and lives to get at it.

To mine 1 ounce of gold creates 30 tons of waste. We don’t need to rip more from the ground, we simply need to make smarter use of what has already been mined. As artists and designers, we have the ability to offer environmental design alternatives. When inspired, we can change how and what people consume.

What advice would you give an aspiring fine art jewelry artist?

Push it. Don’t be afraid! Take it beyond the limits! When you think its big enough, make it bigger, fine enough make it finer. Above all, follow your own vision. People respect that.

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